Our Beer

Brewmaster Brown Ale

4.8% alc./ vol.

This delicious brew incorporates English Crystal and Chocolate malts with the perfect amount of hops to create yet another beautifully balanced English Style Ale.  The signature of our very own Charles MacLean.  


3.5% alc./vol.

We took two of our favourite parts about being Canadian, real Canadian Maple syrup and dark roasted coffee beans. Maple Coffee Mild is a complex brew with a host of flavours at play. The rich full-bodied ale has a warming aroma of coffee with the signature flavor of real Canadian maple syrup that lingers and begs for the next sip.


5.6% alc./ vol.

This is THIS! Our homage to the classic film The Deer Hunter this Kviek style beer contains just one hop and a special yeast called Ebbgarden Kviek. The two together make for some big flavour. Sabro hops with notes of CITRUS, STONE FRUIT, TROPICAL FRUIT. The kviek yeast displays prominent fruity esters, leaning toward tropical guava and mango.  In your face flavour with no bitterness. This is THIS!


5.2% alc./ vol.

We brew our signature ale with a unique combination of British malts, English Fuggles and Goldings hops. Add to that a distinctive strain of English ale yeast and the result is a well hopped, malty ale with a fine balance of flavour.

MacLean's Lager

4.2% alc./vol.

Yup, we brewed a light, crisp, and refreshing Lager


4.8% alc./vol.

A distinctive golden ale that confidently showcases its local ingredients. Ontario hops and malted barley are reminders of its small farmhouse brewery beginnings. Light tasting, and easy drinking. An ideal summertime thirst quencher and a year-round sessionable ale.


4.9% alc./vol.

You deserve some quality chill time with our Lazy Hazy IPA. Packed with mouth watering juicy tropical flavours. A great way to spend some ‘me’ time.


6.5% alc./vol.

We’ve put a unique Ontario spin on the traditional India Pale Ale. Kettle and dry hopping impart just the right amount of character. Malty flavours help balance its lively hop-forward taste. So enjoy. We sure do.


5.6% alc./vol.

We topped our deliciously smooth porter with with subtle notes of sour cherry.  A medium bodied balanced ale with subtle sweetness and notes.  

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