Maclean’s Ales Custom Branded Cans

A cost-efficient opportunity to build on your brand through beer

As a compliment to the brand that you have already built, we want to help expand by having your own customized labeled beer. This is exclusive to your restaurant, golf course or ski hill and brewed by the experienced and award-winning MacLean’s Ales team. 

This cost-efficient opportunity to build on your brand, drive volume, and maximize revenue, will capture the loyalty to not only your community but also customers alike. 

The Designer…

This is the exciting part! We will put you in direct contact with our canning partner who has the knowledge and experience to help tell your story through an image.  The print will be on a full painted can to highlight your design with a glossy or matte finish. 

The Commitment….

§  The commitment is inline with our supplier’s minimum requirement of can design requests of 60 cases.

§  The ‘deposit’ will be the cost of the cans.  Maclean’s Ales at no extra charge to you will handle delivery & storage of the cans.

The Cost…

We have leveraged our relationship with our canning company to help bring the savings to you.  Contact us directly for your personalized quote

Bringing this new opportunity to the industry, we wanted to keep this as simple as possible and we truly are very excited about this venture and can not wait to see what designs you come up with!

Contact Jason Bassett at for complete details on the program, scheduling and pricing.