Our Beer

MacLean’s Ales are well known for their balance and distinct characteristics. These range from traditional English approaches to brews that break from tradition with our own unique take on the regular.

5.2% alc./ vol.

We brew our signature ale with a unique combination of British malts, English Fuggles and Goldings hops. Add to that a distinctive strain of English ale yeast and the result is a well hopped, malty ale with a fine balance of flavour.

4.8% alc./vol.

A distinctive golden ale that confidently showcases its local ingredients. Ontario hops and malted barley are reminders of its small farmhouse brewery beginnings. Light tasting, and easy drinking. An ideal summertime thirst quencher and a year-round sessionable ale.

6.5% alc./vol.

We’ve put a unique Ontario spin on the traditional India Pale Ale. Kettle and dry hopping impart just the right amount of character. Malty flavours help balance its lively hop-forward taste. So enjoy. We sure do.

5.6% alc./vol.

Listen. You’re not going to get through life on good looks alone. You need a special something. This delicious and creamy dry stout is medium in body and features coffee-like notes. That’s something.

Canadian Brewing Awards- Bronze

7.5% alc./vol.

Stoke the fire and settle into a comfy armchair to savour the rich and distinct malty flavours of this full-body ale.

Canadian Brewing Awards- Gold

Ontario Brewing Awards- Gold

6.2% alc./vol.

Angus is a good old guy. Tough as nails, and stubborn as a mule. As a tribute to him, we brew a dark brown ale with notes of caramel and chocolate. He thinks it’s delicious. But he’ll never say it.

3.5% alc./vol.

Downshift to first with a rewarding, sessionable low ABV golden ale.

3.9% alc./vol.

Maclean’s Ales threw tradition out the window and set forth on marking a light citrusy, hoppy session ale. The second addition to their Low Gear series, Bent Spoke is light gold in colour with citrus aroma and flavours, beginning with lemon and grapefruit and a touch of pine while maintaining a hint of malty backbone. Get Bent!